Note: these steps are for Tiller powered Google Sheets only.

If you'd like to see a column that tracks the year for a transaction or balance history entry so you can create pivot tables or other reporting by year follow these simple steps:

  1. Insert a new column. To insert a new column right click any column header letter and choose to insert 1 left or right. We recommend adding it to the left or right of the month column.

  2. Paste the below formula into the header row of the new column. 

=arrayformula(if(isblank(B:B), "", if(row(B:B)=1,"Year",year(B:B))))

3. If you find that the values are not formatted as a year (e.g. 2019) select the entire column by clicking the column letter and change the format to plain text from the Format menu of the Google Sheet.

Modifying the formula

In the above formula B represents the date column. If the date is in any column other than B update this formula to use the correct column letter before pasting it into the header row. 

If you get a "circular dependency" error, it's because you put the formula in column B and you need to change the formula to use the new column letter for the Date column.

As new transactions or balance history entries are added, the year will automatically populate into this column. 

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