This help article is for our Budget Template version 1.0. 

As of May 17, 2018 we have released the version 2.0 of this template, which you can learn about here. Version 2.0 of this template automatically creates and archives budget periods for you!

You can archive the data from your Tiller Budget Dashboard sheet to the Budget History sheet using the archive option below the Expense Budget Remaining area on the Dashboard. When archiving your current budget the actuals, planned budget, and remaining data along with categories, groups, budget period and a budget title of your choice are stored on the Budget History Sheet.

Note: Archive your budget just before the start of a new period and anytime you make changes to the way you categorize your transaction data. The budget archive capability records data exactly as it is when you save it and does not automatically update if you decide to use different categories or modify your planned budget for a category.

To archive a budget 

  1. Scroll down past the Expense Budget Remaining chart on the Budget Dashboard.
  2. Give the budget a unique name.
  3. Use the Archive Budget dropdown to select “Archive” and the Budget History will start updating.
  4. Review archived budgets on the Budget Trends sheet.

You can review the Budget History sheet to see the data that was saved for the budget. 

Note: currently there is no way to restore an archived budget to reuse it.

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