ℹ️ You do not need to switch email addresses or sign up under a different account to try both Google Sheets or Excel. You can use either authentication type (Google or Microsoft) and still use both platforms under the same subscription/account.

If you'd like to use Tiller with a different email account than the one you're currently using you'll need to start over with a new trial using the other account. Tiller supports authentication with Google and Microsoft accounts.

Follow these steps for migrating your Tiller account to a new account:

  1. Log in to the Tiller Console using the email address currently associated with Tiller. 

  2. Cancel your Tiller subscription for the current email address and email billing@tillerhq.com to ask for a refund indicating you're switching to a different email address.

  3. Log out of the Tiller Console using the log out button at the bottom of the console.

  4. Sign up at https://sheets.tillerhq.com/auth/signup using the email account you'd like to use for Tiller access.

  5. Start a new trial by entering your payment information.

  6. Reconnect your bank accounts to Tiller.

  7. You can manually migrate your existing data to the new sheet using copy/paste workflows or try out the community-built Migration Helper

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