Review Details for Accounts Connected to Tiller

For accounts you were able to connect to your Tiller Console, you’ll want to verify the details are correct. 

  1. Open the Accounts sheet (tab along the bottom). 
  2. Make sure the class is being pulled in correctly for all your accounts and use the class override to update it if not.
  3. Assign a group to your accounts.

Configure Manual Accounts You Want to Track with the Debt Snowball Spreadsheet

If there were accounts that you could not successfully add to your Tiller Console (and you tried these troubleshooting steps), you can manually add and track those accounts using these steps.

  1. Open the “Accounts” sheet (it’s a tab along the bottom).
  2. Scroll to the far right.
  3. Enter a name for each manual accounts. Again, decide on a name and stick with it. You’ll see unsaved changes appear highlighted in yellow.
  4. Enter the account number (or make one up if it’s something like a loan from a friend).
  5. Enter the current balance for that account. 
  6. Set the class to “liability” if it’s a debt account. (Hint: you can add manual asset accounts here too).
  7. Set a group for the account. This is just a way to organize your list of accounts.
  8. Save the accounts to the Balance History sheet using the drop down above the Manual Accounts list. 

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