"Authorization is required to perform this action"

You may receive this message when trying to run the Transaction Splitter or AutoCat if you're logged into multiple Google Accounts in the same browser session. 

To fix:

  1. Visit the Tiller Console and click the log out button at the bottom. 
  2. Log out of all Google Accounts in your browser (visit gmail.com and log out).
  3. Log back in to the Tiller Console.
  4. Open your sheet and re-run the add-on. 

Menus items are missing

If you just installed one of our add-ons and find that there aren't the menu items you're expecting in the Add-ons menu:

  1. Close the Tiller spreadsheet
  2. Log in to the Tiller Console
  3. Open your spreadsheet again and check for the menu items

AutoCat won't run because Account Column is missing

If you're using an older version of a Tiller spreadsheet template you might not have the account column, which is required for AutoCat to run. 

  1. Insert a new column
  2. Title it Account

AutoCat gives a "Cannot call method "copy" of null" error

If your category validation is broken (or you don't have a Category column) on your Transactions sheet you may get this error when trying to run AutoCat. 

To fix:

If your sheet is not set up to use Categories (raw data template) 

  1. Add the Categories sheet and create your categories list
  2. Add the Category column to your Transactions sheet 
  3. Set up the validation for the Category column using these steps

If your category column is missing the dropdown box

  1. Fix your category validation using  these steps

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