If you accidentally overwrite the word "Date" in cell A1 of the Transactions sheet, in most Tiller spreadsheets your Transactions will still import, but they will not have the date data pulled in and it will appear as though they're missing because the sheet can't sort them to the top without the date.

To prevent this from happening in the future you can protect that cell using these steps:

  1. Select cell A1 in your Transactions sheet.

2. Open the Data menu at the top of the Google Sheet

3. Choose "Protected Sheets and Ranges" (a sidebar will open) 

4. Click "Add a sheet or range" near the top of the sidebar
5. Enter a description, maybe "protect date"
6. Click "set permissions"
7. Select the "show a warning when editing this range" radio option
8. Click "Done"
9. Close the Protected Ranges sidebar

That will pop up a warning that you're not supposed to edit that cell if you accidentally try to edit it.

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