Getting Started

It's quick and easy to get started with Tiller's budgeting template. After these steps you have an insightful and customized budget that does the heavy lifting for you.

Quick Start With Our Video Course

Easily get going and stay on track with our self guided video course for budgeting with Tiller. 

Tiller Budgeting Basics

Get to know your Tiller budgeting spreadsheet. We’ll quickly explore how the budget template helps you understand your spending and keep your budget on track and healthy.

Stay in Tune With Your Budget

Sticking to a budget is easy with Tiller. We automatically add all your bank data in one place. Here we explore the basics of what to do once we've added the data to help you stay in tune with your budget progress.

How to Use Rollover Budgeting

Tiller’s budgeting capabilities automatically keep track of your unspent category budget funds with Rollovers (think mini virtual savings accounts). It’s great for those who want to use a zero sum or envelope budgeting method. 

How to Set up and Track Savings Goals 

With Tiller budgeting savings goals you always know how far you are from meeting your goal. Understand how to set up goals, track your progress, and keep track of transactions. 

Automatic Categorizing

While manually categorizing your spending helps you stay in tune, we do offer an automatic solution called AutoCat.

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