If you’re using the rollover capabilities for the Tiller Budget it’s important that you understand how Rollover Adjustment works. 

Rollover Adjustment is a correction tool that compensates for the ways that your Total Rollover Savings amount might start to diverge from your real world account balances.

If a Rollover Adjustment is being factored into your Total Rollover savings you’ll see two indicators: 

  1. A budget accuracy message will appear at the top of your Budget Dashboard below the categorized transactions status message.
  2. Your Total Rollover savings will include a note below it (“with Rollover Adjustment”)

There are three ways a Rollover Adjustment correction might be introduced: 

  1. You have uncategorized transactions in the current period.
  2. You have some categories that don’t have a “Rollover To” assigned
  3. Your income budget is not equal to your expense budget. 
  4. Your transfers in any period didn't balance to $0.

Correcting a Rollover Adjustment

If you need to correct a Rollover Adjustment that appears at the start of a new period you can use these tips:

  1. If it’s a negative rollover adjustment - move money from the rollover balance of one category to the rollover adjustment category by using the Adjust Category menu option. 
  2. If it’s a positive rollover adjustment - move money from the rollover adjustment category to the rollover of another category using the Adjust Category menu option. 

Read more on the ways Rollover Adjustments are introduced and calculated

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