Adjust Category

The Adjust Category menu option in the Tiller Budget Add-on allows you to move amounts between category rollovers and budgets to other category rollovers or budgets. You also need to use the Adjust Category menu option to modify the Rollover Adjustment if there is one displayed at the top of your Budget dashboard. 

Analyze Budgets History

The Analyze Budgets History menu in the Tiller Budget Beta Add-on allows you to update your archived budget data for the most current picture of your budget and rollovers. The analysis will run automatically every night, but you may want to run it manually from the Add-on menu if you’ve made changes that will impact other budget periods.

You should only need to run the budget analyzer if you’ve:

  • Modified a past budget
  • Categorized or added transactions from a past period
  • Modified existing budget periods by manually editing the Budgets History sheet
  • Added budget periods by manually editing the Budgets History sheet

Reallocate Current Period

Reallocate Current Period is a menu option from the Tiller Budget Beta Add-on that allows you to allocate your expected income to all your expenses for quick zero sum budgeting. It works by checking your Categories sheet for the Fixed or Flex subtypes then scaling all categories based on your current period’s budget. 

After fixed expenses have been allocated, the workflow will proportionally distribute the remainder to your flex categories. The distribution is based on the proportion of your current budget that is allocated to a given category. For example, after all fixed expenses are allocated, if 5% of your weekly flex budget is Coffee, 5% of your new budget allocation will be assigned to Coffee. 

To use the Reallocate Current Period feature:

  1. Make sure you have all your expense categories labeled Fixed or Flex. The subtype for Income and Transfer types should be blank. 
  2. Click the budget sheet tab for which you would like to reallocate your expense budget.
  3. Open the Add-ons menu
  4. Open the Tiller Budget Beta menu
  5. Choose Reallocate Current Period.
  6. Enter an amount to allocate to all your expenses. 

Create Budget

The Tiller Budget add-on allows you to run multiple budget period intervals concurrently. You could have both a monthly and weekly budget running in your spreadsheet at the same time or two unique monthly budgets running at the same time. The only data that is shared between them are the category settings you configure on the Categories sheet and the actuals (in the Transactions sheet). Each budget has its own individual budget amounts and rollovers. These values are not shared between concurrent budgets.

To create a new budget sheet: 

  1. Open the Add-ons menu at the top of the Google Sheet.
  2. Choose Tiller Budget Beta
  3. Choose Create Budget to open the add-on sidebar
  4. Customize your budget period, mode, and start day. 

Manage Rollover Adjustments

The Manage Rollover Adjustment menu option allows you to turn the Rollover Adjustment calculation on or off in your Budget Dashboard.

You might use this menu item to turn this off is if you’re only using a Rollover To in your Categories sheet to track your savings goal rollover balances, but aren’t using Rollover To for other categories (i.e. you’re not using a zero sum or envelope budgeting method). 

Restore Dashboard

The Restore Dashboard menu item updates a budget dashboard to the latest version on Tiller’s servers. This function can be helpful for restoring a broken budget dashboard (because of accidental edits that created errors) or to update a dashboard to a version with the latest improvements. 

While your categories, budget amounts, and rollovers will remain intact after the update, Restore Dashboard will delete the selected the dashboard sheet and replace it with a new version on Tiller’s servers. Be aware that restoring a dashboard means you will lose custom changes you may have made to the dashboard sheet.

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