The New Tiller Budget is here! 

Automate rollovers

For those of you who love to track the balance of your unspent budget categories for savings or envelope style or zero-sum budgeting this is what you’ve been waiting for. 

Savings goals

Now you’ll have the capability to set savings goals in your budget, and with the rollover features it’s easy to track your progress against those goals. 

Dynamic adjustment workflows

We’re introducing shortcut commands you can type directly into your budget dashboard that make dynamically adjusting budgets and rollovers quick and easy. The shortcuts facilitate moving money from categories where you have extra budget or rollover to ones where you’re overspending or need to save. 

Automated period archiving & dynamic recall

Budget periods will be created for you automatically and prior periods will be automatically archived. Now you can move back and forth between past and current budget periods to make changes dynamically without overwriting the current period’s budget targets, actuals, or rollovers. 

Automated updates

Because these new features are being rolled out via the Tiller add-on we'll be able to keep your tools up-to-date with fixes and performance enhancements without you needing to do anything. 

Painless upgrade

When we release the Tiller add-on you’ll be able to easily integrate the upgrades without needing to create a new sheet and manually migrate your data. You'll be able to access all these new features directly via the add-on, and if you already have AutoCat installed, you won't need to install a new add-on. 

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