The Budgets History sheet is where most of the data is stored that fuels your Budget dashboards. It's a hidden sheet that can be useful if you need to make adjustments to your budget's start and end dates, create past or future budget periods, retroactively apply rollover to categories, or quickly make adjustments to budget amounts for a past, current, or future period. 

Watch the quick video for the basics or read more below.

Accessing the Budgets History Sheet

It's hidden and you can access it by clicking the four lines in the lower left corner of the Google Sheet and then choose Budgets History.

Note: if you have upgraded from the previous version of the Tiller Budget  you may also see a hidden Budget History sheet. Unhide the one that's plural Budgets History.

Understanding the Budgets History Sheet Data

For each budget you create in a Tiller Budget spreadsheet you'll see the following columns:

  1. Budget - this corresponds to a "budget ID" and represents the budget interval (M for month) and the order in which is was created (01 for the first one you created)
  2. Section - each budget period has five sections: Budget, Actual, Rollover, Rollover Mods, Rollover To - these represent how your budget data is organized and your rollovers are tracked.
  3. Start - the start date of the budget period
  4. End - the end date of the budget period. Note that the end date for a monthly budget is often the first day of the next month because the budget ends at 11:59PM on the end of the month. 
  5. Rollover Adjustment - this is where the rollover adjustment totals are calculated and stored. Read more about rollover adjustment here.
  6. Categories - each category listed in your Categories sheet has a column and is headed by it's type (income, expense, transfer). 

Data You Can Edit in the Budgets History Sheet

Some data can be edited in the Budgets History and some cannot. 


You can update any of the budget amounts for any categories in any period for any budget here on the Budgets History sheet. If you want to set your budget values for a period for your categories really quickly you can do it here.

Rollover To

If you want to retroactive apply Rollover To settings for a previous period, or change the Rollover To setting for a past period you can do that here as well. 

Rollover Mod

Use the Rollover Mod section to adjust a category's rollovers using positive values when you want to add rollover to a category and negative values when you want to take rollover from a category. 

Start and End Dates

You can edit the start and end dates for a budget manually here if you need a custom date range for your budget, but the periods cannot overlap within a budget. 

Running Analyze Budgets History

The Analyze Budgets History gets everything back in sync. Anytime you make edits directly to the Budgets History sheet, add new categories or notice a rollover seems off run Analyze Budgets History to clean it up. 

Reasons You Might Want to Edit the Budgets History

  1. To create a past or future budget period
  2. To create a yearly budget 
  3. To retroactively apply Rollover To values to a previous period
  4. To quickly assign budget amounts to categories in a past or future period
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