The Tiller add-on comes pre-installed into the Tiller Budget template, but you can add this add-on to any Tiller spreadsheet to take advantage of the budgeting and auto categorization tools that it offers.

  1. Access the Tiller Add-on in the Google Sheets Add-on store here
  2. Click “free” in the upper right of the store listing.
  3. A blank Google Sheet will open and you’ll see a few dialogs pop up asking for your permission to install the add-on.
  4. Open the Tiller spreadsheet where you want to use the add-on.

Using the Tiller add-on for Budgeting

The Tiller add-on includes a Budget menu option that allows you to install a budget into any Tiller spreadsheet. 

Check out the Budget Training Guide to get started with the Tiller Budget features available in the add-on.

Using the Tiller add-on for Automatic Categorizing 

The Tiller add-on includes a tool called AutoCat that allows you to create a customized rule set for having your transactions automatically categorized.

From the add-ons menu choose Tiller > Tiller Tools > AutoCat

Read more on how to get started with AutoCat

Using the Tiller add-on for Business Financial Tracking

The Tiller add-on includes business features that allow you to install a business centric dashboard featuring cash flow analysis, spending and earning charts, and cash flow forecasting. Use it to manually add pending transactions, like uncleared checks, to help better predict your cash flow, and then reconcile them when Tiller automatically pulls them in. Keep your books balanced with Bank Statement Reconciliation. 

These features are great for personal finance too!

Read more on the Simple Business features

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