With the Tiller add-on you can install the Tiller Simple Business Spreadsheet's features in an existing Tiller spreadsheet.

  1. Install the Tiller add-on and give it permission to run using the Google Account you use with Tiller.
  2. Open the Tiller spreadsheet where you want to install and use the business features. 
  3. Open the add-ons menu at the top of the Google Sheet.
  4. Choose Tiller > Business > Start
  5. The add-on will install the Dashboard, Statements, and Setup sheets as well as add some columns to the Transactions sheet. 
  6. You can now access the Add Transaction and Reconcile features from the add-ons menu under Tiller > Business. 

Note: to install the Tiller add-on click on "Free" in the upper right of the Add-on store listing via the link above. A blank Google Sheet will open and you'll be prompted to authorize the Tiller add-on. 

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