The Tiller Simple Business template offers two key financial reports: a Profit and Loss Statement (P&L) and a Category Report. These can be generated from the Business menu under Generate Reports in the Tiller add-on for Google Sheets. 

Add-ons > Tiller > Business > Generate Reports

About the Reports

These reports are static reports that create a new tab each time they are generated. They’re easily exported to a PDF or printed as a hard copy. You can delete the tab for the report once you’ve printed or saved it to another location. 

Note: If you change the data that’s feeding the report, such as re-categorizing transactions, you’ll need to generate a new version of the report. 

If there are other reports you’d like to see possible with these features email and let us know.

Generating the Reports

Click below to access resources about how to easily generate these specific reports.

How to Generate a Profit & Loss Statement (P&L)

How to Generate a Detailed Category Report

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