As part of effectively managing your business finances you may need to add a transaction before it has posted at your bank. For example, you might want to capture a check paid to a vendor, an invoice submitted to a client, or a bill that you paid electronically. Logging a transaction when you make it, rather than waiting for it to post at the bank, captures future liabilities and helps manage cash flow.

You may also need to manually add transactions for accounts that aren’t automated by Tiller. 

Watch this how to video or read on below:

How to do it: 

  1. Open the Add-ons menu at the top of your Google Sheet.
  2. Choose Tiller > Business > Add Transaction.
  3. Fill in the Add a Transaction screen with relevant data including the transaction date, description, amount, and category. 
  4. Enter the amount as an absolute value (no + or -). 
  5. Leave the check box next to “flag for reconciliation” checked if you need to reconcile the match when Tiller brings it in automatically. Uncheck this box if you're adding a transaction manually for an unlinked account.
  6. If you are finished adding transactions, click the Add button. If you would like to add more transactions, click the Add + 1 button to continue adding manual transactions.

Manually added transactions that are flagged for reconciliation will be highlighted in yellow on your Transactions sheet until they are matched to a transaction from your bank feed. 

Note: manually added transactions for unlinked/non-automated accounts do not update the manually tracked account's balance on the Accounts/Balance History sheets. You must also manually update and save the account balance on the Account sheet for unlinked/non-automated accounts.

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