Use the setup sheet to swap out the logo, address, and business name to customize your sheet. 

How to do it: 

  1. Unhide a hidden sheet called “Setup” by clicking the four horizontal lines next to the plus sign in the lower left of the sheet
  2. Overwrite the example business details about your business into the fields such as name and address. (Hint: press the option/alt key + enter to move to the second line in the address cell).
  3. Add the direct URL of your logos per the descriptions in cells D9 through D12 using =image("") with your direct URL in between the quotation marks. (e.g. =image("")

Note: If no logo URLs are added, Tiller’s logo will be used throughout the template.

Generating a Direct URL for your Logo

The Tiller Simple Business sheet uses the Google sheets built in formula “=image()” to display your logo in the spreadsheet. This function requires a direct link to an image file for it to work properly. 

To get a direct URL to your image you can upload your image to a free service such as Photobucket or get the URL from your website where the logo might already be stored.  

The url must end in a valid photo file format such at .png, .jpg. or .gif.

When using Photobucket, you can create a new free account, drag and drop your logo image into Photobucket, then click on the image. You will get a screen that looks similar to this:

Double click on the “Direct” URL and copy the link, this will give you a direct URL to the .png or .jpg file. 

Insert this link into the Setup sheet in either Cell D9, D10, D11, D12 depending of the type of logo (Wide or Square, on dark background or on light background) and your logo will then display on the other sheets in the template. 

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