The Tiller Customer Success team strives to make sure you get your questions answered and issues resolved as quickly as possible. 

Your fastest time to resolution for how-to and template related questions is to search our help center or the Tiller Community. 

Support Guide

For Account Connection Issues 

Review our guide on account errors and disconnections. If you still have questions reach out to

For Recommended Workflow Questions

Explore the Tiller Labs section of the Tiller Community. There are many recommended workflows and solutions already posted there. Reply directly to relevant topics there with additional questions. 

You can also add a topic to the Discussion section on the Tiller Community. This is the best place to get answers to questions about how best to leverage Tiller. 

For Questions about Tiller templates

Tiller’s templates are now delivered via the Tiller Labs add-on and are supported in the Tiller Community. 

Explore Tiller Labs solutions on the community

Our Support Hours

Monday - Friday: 6AM PST - 3PM PST

Saturday & Sunday: response hours vary.

Our CS Team

Heather Phillips (Customer Success lead - part time support)

Krista Smith (Full time customer success specialist)

Selina Vega (Part time customer success specialist) 

Warren Williams (Part time customer success specialist) 

Janelle Delfino (Part time customer success specialist)

Tom Holman (Part time customer success specialist)

Self Service Support

There are 100s of articles and topics on our Help Center and Tiller Community forum so if you have a question, more than likely the answer is already on the help center or in the forum. If you write in, and find you're not getting a reply quickly enough, try searching for your answer on the Help Center or Tiller Community.

Support FAQ

Why only chat/email support?

We do not offer 24/7 live support at this time, and we can only offer support via email and chat because we are a very small team and can provide the best quality support most efficiently using these methods.

Will someone respond immediately?

Availability during our support hours means someone is available and monitoring, but conversations are typically replied to on a first come first serve basis, and there can be a few hour delay before you receive an initial response. 

Because we're a small support team (see below) we hope to have some free time on weekends to enjoy life so our response times on weekends will be slower and the hours will vary. 

What about time to resolution?

We operate on a queue based system. We do our best to resolve your issue with our first response. The more detail you can provide in your original inquiry the more likely we’ll be able to quickly come to a resolution. 

After our first response your ticket goes into our queue and it can take a few days for us to follow up and fully resolve your issue or answer additional questions. 

Please search the help center or Tiller Community for the fastest resolution.

Account disconnection and feed issues that require us to contact our data provider, Yodlee, can take longer to resolve. 

Read more about account errors, disconnects, and feed issues and what to do here.

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