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What kind of customer support does Tiller offer?
What kind of customer support does Tiller offer?

Learn about Tiller's helpful human support.

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The Tiller Customer Success team strives to make sure you get your account, service, and core product questions answered and resolved as quickly as possible.

For the best experience and fastest response time, use the chat window in the lower right corner of this page, which can also be found on the Tiller Console at to start your conversation with the Tiller Helper Bot, which helps you get your issue resolved more quickly.

You can read more about why we use a bot here.

Please read on below to understand what topics the CS team will be able to answer. 

Note: Your fastest time to resolution for how-to and template related questions is to search our help center or the Tiller Community. 

What about the bot?

The team uses a "Tiller Helper Bot" to help route your questions and gather important information before your first response from a customer success team member. This helps us stay efficient. You can read more about the bot here.

Account, service, and core product related questions include: 

Questions about the Tiller Community Solutions add-on and the solutions or tools that are included in it should be posted in the community.

What are tickets?

Tickets are new as of Feb 2023 and we're just learning how best to utilize this feature. If you have feedback on this new tickets process, we're always happy to hear it.

We will convert your conversation to a ticket when you write in about an issue that will need more time to resolve, such as an issue with your bank data feeds. These often require help from our data provider, Yodlee. The ticket feature in our support system helps us more clearly communicate the status of your issue (submitted, in progress, waiting on you, resolved, closed). You'll receive notifications via email and in the messenger when the status of your ticket changes. This helps us more clearly communicate that we're waiting on you for more information or a screenshot before we can continue working to resolve your issue.

Many of the technical issues you may encounter with Tiller that can't be resolved via our self service support and help center content will be converted into a ticket. For now we're just focusing on the bank feed issues to continue testing out this new feature in our support process.

Support Guide

For Account Connection Issues 

If you still have questions or issues file a ticket during our office hours (M-F 8AM ET - 6PM ET) using our chat tool in the lower right corner of the Console at

These are questions about something outside the box of the Tiller Foundation template, advice on how to organize categories for your unique situation, or configure Tiller's data feeds to do something not documented on the Help Center.

Explore and search the Tiller Community for recommended workflows, advice, and community-built solutions already posted there.

For questions about Tiller Community Solutions

Questions not related to the Tiller Foundation template are supported by the Tiller Community.

Explore Tiller Community Show & Tell solutions for Microsoft Excel here and Google Sheets here.

Our Support Office Hours

Monday - Friday: 5AM PST / 8AM EST - 3PM PST / 6PM EST

We do not have office hours on the weekend. If you need assistance from a member of the support team please reach out to us during our office hours or you can ask the Tiller Helper AI powered bot questions on the weekend.

Our CS Team

Heather Phillips (Customer Success lead - part time support)

Warren Williams (Part time customer success specialist) 

Morgan Greene (Full time customer success specialist)

Marissa Manalo (Full time customer success specialist)

Twalane Migiro (Part time customer success specialist)

Tamara Gordon (Part time customer success specialist)

Self Service Support

There are 100s of articles and topics on our Help Center and Tiller Community forum so if you have a question, more than likely the answer is already on the help center or in the forum. If you write in, and find you're not getting a reply quickly enough, try searching for your answer on the Help Center or Tiller Community.

Support FAQ

Why only chat/email support?

We do not offer 24/7 live support at this time, and we can only offer support via email and chat because we are a very small team and can provide the best quality support most efficiently using these methods.

Does Tiller offer 1:1 support?

We currently do not offer 1:1 live support.

Will someone respond immediately?

Availability during our office hours means someone is available and monitoring, but conversations are typically replied to on a first come first serve basis, and there can be a few hours delay before you receive an initial response. 

Because we're a small support team (see above) we hope to have some free time on weekends to enjoy life so our response times on weekends will be slower and the hours will vary. 

What about time to resolution?

We operate on a queue based system. We do our best to resolve your issue with our first response. The more detail you can provide in your original inquiry the more likely we’ll be able to quickly come to a resolution. 

After our first response your ticket goes into our queue and it can take a few days for us to follow up and fully resolve your issue or answer additional questions. 

Please search the Help Center or Tiller Community for the fastest resolution.

Account disconnection and feed issues that require us to contact our data provider, Yodlee, can take longer to resolve. 

Read more about account errors, disconnects, and feed issues and what to do here.

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