The Monthly Budget template is a monthly and yearly budgeting spreadsheet template with simple yet powerful reports to help you understand your yearly spending and earnings and keep you on track with your budget month to month.

Review this getting started video or read on below.

Note: this template was formerly named "Yearly Budget and Insights" as referenced in the video.

Get started

1. Refine your Categories. 

Overwrite or delete the example categories. Add new categories to the bottom of the list. All categories must have a group and type assigned. 

2. Assign your budget amounts. 

Enter your budget amounts into the January column to have the same budget amount per category cascade to each month for the rest of the year. Directly edit the budget for a month for a category as needed. (e.g. if your electricity bill is higher in July than it is in January, edit the budget amount for electricity for July directly to overwrite the automated budget amount.) 

3. Categorize Transactions. 

Categorize as many or as few transactions as you’d like to fuel the Yearly Budget sheet and other reports in this template. The more you categorize, the more insights you’ll gain. Use AutoCat to help you automate your Category workflows. 

4. Quickly gain insights. 

Review the Yearly Budget, Year to Date, Budget Filter, and Yearly Insights sheets to gain insights about your yearly budget and finances. 

5. Fine tune your budget. 

Pay attention to the budgeted cash flow for each month on the Yearly Budget sheet. You can also review a single month at a time using the Monthly View sheet. 

If you get a negative number number you either need to increase your expected income, decrease your expected expenses, or know that a surplus of income will come in a later month. Adjust budget amounts on the Categories sheet per category. 

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