Yearly Budget

This sheet is the visualization of your selected year’s budget. 

The year selector in cell B3 is the only area you should edit on this sheet. If you need to add new categories, delete categories, or adjust budget amounts do this directly in the Categories sheet. 

You’ll see your entire year’s budgeted cash flow, actual cash flow, as well as spending/earning actuals, budgets, and available amounts so far for the year in columns C, D, and E. You can see each month’s budget, actuals, available, and cash flow summary in the subsequent columns to the right by using the horizontal scroll bar. 

Monthly View

The Monthly View sheets allows you to visualize a single's month's budget in a single sheet. Choose the month you'd like to view from the "Select Month" dropdown. The month data that's pulled in is based on the year that's selected on the Yearly Budget sheet. 

If your Yearly Budget template doesn't have the Monthly View sheet in it you can add it in from the Reports Master here.

  1. Right click the "Monthly View" tab at the bottom.
  2. Choose "Copy to" 
  3. Paste the URL of your Yearly Budget spreadsheet into the bottom of the dialog that opens. 
  4. Click "Ok" to copy in the sheet.
  5. In your Yearly Budget template double click the Copy of Monthly View tab to rename it "Monthly View" 

Year to Date

The Year to Date sheet gives you a comparison of how your budget is performing so far with your actuals and a difference percentage between your actuals and your budgeted amount so far for the year selected on the Yearly Budget sheet for each category. 

Note: This sheet is pulling in YTD amounts for the entire current month vs today’s date so if you’ve manually added pending transactions you’ll see those reflected here too. 

Budget Filter

The Budget Filter sheet allows you to filter your yearly budget data to only view actuals, budgeted, or available. You can view the data for these filters for the entire year and each month. 

The Year that’s selected here is based on the year configured in the Yearly Budget sheet.

Yearly Insights

The Yearly Insights sheet provides an overview for the year. You can visualize your net cash flow, total spending and income, as well as total by category and total by description views. 

Click here to read more about the Yearly Insights Sheet

How the Monthly Budget Template Works

The Monthly Budget sheets uses Arrayformula, Lookup formulas and Queries to pull data from the Transactions and Categories sheets. There are no complex scripts running in the background. All the magic of this template is accessible for you to tinker with as you see fit. 

Read more about the technical specs on how this template is built. 

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