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What if I'm coming from Money in Excel?

If you're coming from Money in Excel we recommend that you use this guide to get started for the most seamless transition from Money in Excel.

Where can I find a getting started video?

Access our getting started video for Microsoft Excel and the Foundation Template in the Getting Started with Tiller for Microsoft Excel guide. You can also watch our on-demand recorded Excel Foundations webinar. If you're coming from Money in Excel we recommend that you use this guide to get started for the most seamless transition from Money in Excel.

Can I use a work/school Microsoft account to sign up for Tiller?

At this time we can only support Microsoft login for signing in to Tiller if it's a personal/family account and not a work/school account. You can create a free Microsoft account at https://signup.live.com/signup. This account for signing in to Tiller does not need a Microsoft 365 subscription if you are already paying for a subscription for your work/business account.

Does this work with all versions of Excel?

Tiller Money Feeds for Microsoft Excel and the Tiller Foundation Template only works with Excel installed via a Microsoft 365 subscription or Excel Online. We recommend you have the most updated versions for Excel and your OS.

How does Tiller for Excel work?

Tiller pulls your balances and transactions from your bank accounts about once a day, and you can fill your Excel workbook with the click of a button. Learn more about the Tiller Money Feeds add-in for Microsoft Excel here.

How do I get started with Tiller for Microsoft Excel?

Can I use my Money in Excel template with Tiller?

At this time we don't support the Money in Excel template for use with Tiller. If you want to use your dataset in a Tiller-powered workbook we recommend using the Tiller Foundation Template.

Check out our guide on transitioning from Money in Excel to learn more about how you can migrate data from your Money in Excel template to your Tiller-powered workbook.

Can I use my existing Google Sheets template in Excel?

At this time templates and community solutions for Google Sheets are not compatible with Excel so you would want to migrate your existing transaction data into Excel.

How to migrate bank data in Google Sheets to Excel:

  1. Open your Tiller-powered Google Sheet.

  2. Open the File menu at the top of the Google Sheet.

  3. Choose Download As…

  4. Choose your file format, either CSV or Excel.

  5. Copy/paste your Transaction data into the Excel workbook you want to connect to Tiller being sure that you pay attention to the column order in the Transactions sheet. The columns are slightly different in Excel vs Google Sheets for our Transactions sheets.

Review this guide on migrating data between spreadsheets for more detailed instructions.

Is my data private and secure?

We do not see nor store your bank account credentials. We can’t see or access your transaction or balance data. Tiller is secured by 256-bit AES bank-grade encryption. You can read more about our security promise here.

Does AutoCat work for Excel?

Yes! You can now use AutoCat in Microsoft Excel workbooks. Read more here.

Where can I access the Foundation Template?

You can download a copy of the Tiller Foundation Template for Microsoft Excel using this link.

Where can I find the AutoCat sheet?

You can add the AutoCat sheet to your Foundation Template for Microsoft Excel by clicking the "Install AutoCat" button at the top of the Excel add-in.

Learn more about how to use AutoCat here.

Which sheets are default and required in the Foundation template?

The Foundation template has the following sheets by default.

  • Spending Trends

  • Transactions

  • Categories

  • Monthly Budget

  • Yearly Budget

  • Balances

  • Accounts

  • Balance History (hidden by default)

Where do I set my budget amounts for categories?

Budget amounts are set on the Categories sheet in the respective monthly budget column (you may need to expand these columns to make them visible.) When you enter budgets into column E the amount will cascade across to the right.

Read more about how to budget in the Tiller Foundation Template

Can I include more than 12 months in my budget?

The Tiller Foundation template supports multi-year budgeting (by adding more month columns to the Categories sheet), but you can only visualize a 12 month period on the Yearly Budget sheet.

How can I use the Foundation Template for envelope budgeting?

The Tiller Foundation Template does not support envelope or zero-sum budgeting at this time. You can search in the Tiller Community to see if there is a community-built and supported workflow for envelope budgeting for Microsoft Excel.

How can I find my Excel workbook after I've connected it to Tiller?

There is not a way to open an Excel workbook from the Tiller Console. You will need to open the workbook from the file location where you saved it originally. The Excel spreadsheets you've created with Tiller will either be in the OneDrive for the Microsoft account you were using with Excel at the time you created them or saved locally on your computer.

When you do a "Save as," you're prompted to pick a location. The default location is usually the last place you saved an Excel workbook.

You can review the names of linked Excel workbooks by visiting the Console at https://my.tillerhq.com/ but there isn't a way to open them from the Tiller Console.

Can I use Google Sheets too?

Yes. Your annual subscription to Tiller also includes access to the Tiller service for up to five spreadsheets linked to the Tiller Console. You don't need to start a new trial with a Google Account to use Google Sheets. Just be sure to pay attention to which Google account you use to create Google Sheets so you know which Google account owns the spreadsheet.

Do Tiller's Google Sheets templates work with Excel?

At this time, community-built and supported solutions featured in the Tiller Community Solutions add-on for Google Sheets are not compatible with Microsoft Excel.

We have a Foundation Template for Microsoft Excel, which you can download here. You can also review community built Show & Tell solutions for Microsoft Excel here.

What if I already signed up for Tiller using a Google Account?

If you already signed up with a Google account you can still use Microsoft Excel. When you're prompted to sign in to Tiller from the Tiller Money Feeds add-in you'll just choose the Google sign in option and sign in with that Google account.

What if I have questions or get stuck?

We have a troubleshooting guide just for Tiller for Excel and have helpful top rated U.S. based support to answer your questions. Use the Messenger in the lower right corner of this page or on the Tiller Console at https://my.tillerhq.com/ to send us a message.

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