1. Install the Tiller Add-in for Excel (Beta).

Tiller feeds financial transaction and balance data into an Excel workbook using an Excel add-in, which is installed from the Microsoft add-in store.

To install the add-in

  1. Open My Add-ins from the Insert ribbon in an Excel workbook

  2. Search for "Tiller" in the Store

  3. Click "Add" and the add-in will appear in your Data ribbon.

Note: Our add-in currently only works with Excel 2016 installed via Office 365. 

2. Sign in to the Tiller add-in for Excel

You'll sign in to the Tiller add-in for Excel in an Excel workbook using the gmail account you use to access Tiller. 

You'll need an active Tiller subscription or trial to use the Tiller add-in for Excel. 

Click here to start a free 30 day trial with a gmail account.

Curious why we require you to start a trial or use Google to sign in? Read the Tiller for Excel FAQ.

Save your workbook and link it to your Tiller Console from within the Excel add-in so Tiller can pull your bank data into the workbook. 

Get our Tiller Money Tracker template here.

4. Configure accounts

Click the "Configure" button in the Excel add-in to choose the accounts you want Tiller to pull transaction and balance data into your Excel Workbook.

5. Update your workbook

Click the Fill button and Tiller will automatically pull your transaction and balance data into the Excel workbook. 

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