Here's our recommended workflow for getting started with Tiller Money Feeds for Microsoft Excel. You can start in the Tiller Foundation Template for Excel or if you prefer to use or build your own template you can start in a blank Excel workbook.


You've started your free trial for Tiller and have connected one or more financial institutions. For more review: Get started in 3 easy steps

Start with the Tiller Foundation Template

Watch the video and follow along with the steps below it.

    1. If you want to store your workbook on OneDrive make sure you do a Save As and save to an Online location. Pay attention to the OneDrive account you’re signed into when storing online so you know where to find your file.

    2. If you prefer to keep your workbook stored locally on your computer, do a Save as, give it a unique name, and pick a file location you will easily remember.

    3. The Excel spreadsheets you've created with Tiller will either be in the OneDrive for the Microsoft account you were using with Excel at the time you created them or saved locally on your computer. When you do a "Save as," you're prompted to pick a location. The default location is usually the last place you saved an Excel workbook.

  1. Install the Tiller Money Feeds add-in for Excel.

    1. Open My Add-ins from the Insert ribbon in your Excel workbook

    2. Search for "Tiller" in the Store

    3. Click "Add" and the add-in will appear in your Data ribbon.

    4. Direct Install Link from Microsoft Store (if above steps don’t work)

  2. Open the Tiller Money Feeds add-in from the Data ribbon and sign in

    1. Sign in using the account you used to subscribe to Tiller. Note: this could be different than the account you use for your Microsoft 365 subscription.

    2. If you used a Google Account to sign up for Tiller and get an error follow these troubleshooting steps.

  3. Link the workbook

    1. After signing in you’ll be prompted to link the workbook to the Tiller Console. This creates the connection between the workbook and the accounts you have linked.

  4. Link accounts to set up your data feed

    1. Click the “Link Accounts” button in the add-in task pane.

    2. Toggle on the accounts that should feed transaction and balance data to the sheet.

    3. Click “Confirm.”

  5. Fill your sheet with data

    1. Click the “Fill” button at the top of the add-in task pane to fill the transactions and balances for linked accounts.

    2. Click this “Fill” button any time you need to get new data into the sheet.

  6. Set up your Foundation Template - click here to review the full guide.

    1. Customize your categories on the Categories sheet

    2. Categorize transactions on the Transactions sheet

    3. Set budget targets on the Categories sheet in column E

    4. Review your spending and earnings on the Monthly Budget and Yearly Budget sheets

    5. Set up AutoCat to automatically categorize transactions

Start with your own template or a blank workbook

You can feed data into any Excel workbook using the Tiller Money Feeds add-in. If you prefer not to start in the Tiller Foundation Template, you can connect the Tiller Money Feeds add-in to your own template or a blank Excel workbook.

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