Tiller will update a linked Excel workbook with the latest available data from accounts that are linked to the workbook upon clicking “Update” via the Tiller add-in. When you sign in to the Tiller add-in the Feeds section will indicate if there is new data available. The Transactions and Balance History status indicators will say “Update available” otherwise they will say “Up to date.”

To update your Excel workbook with available bank data:

  1. Open and sign in to the Tiller add-in in Excel. 
  2. Click the “Update” button under the Feeds area in the middle of the Workbook section in the Tiller add-in if the Transactions and Balance History indicate “Update available”.
  3. The Transactions and Balance History status indicators should change to “In process” and you’ll see an “Updating” message with a spinning circle.
  4. When the status indicator changes to “Up to date” save your workbook.

Some updates may take longer than others depending on the number of linked accounts, and updates with large data sets can cause Excel to become unresponsive. You’ll be presented with an alert message if a large data update is triggered by clicking the “Update” button.

If the Feeds status does not indicate “update available” try visiting the Tiller Console to trigger a data pull from your banks. 

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