⚠️ Some customers have reported that Excel Online does not work in Safari 14 on MacOS Catalina, but does work in Firefox 80.0.1.

If you have an Office 365 subscription you can also use Tiller for Excel with Excel Online. You need to install the Tiller add-in via the Excel desktop application, and then you'll be able to link, update, and access workbooks from Excel Online. 

  1. Install the Tiller add-in for Excel

  2. Open a blank Excel Online workbook.

  3. Open the Insert Ribbon

  4. Click “Office Add-ins”

  5. You should see the Tiller add-in included in the list if not you can search for it via the Add-in store

  6. Click on it and choose “Add” at the bottom

  7. The Tiller add-in should appear in the data menu. 

  8. Rename the workbook at the top (e.g. overwrite "Book 1")

  9. Link the workbook to your Tiller Console via the Tiller add-in. 

  10. Click "Configure" to link accounts to the workbook. 

  11. Click "Fill" to update the workbook with Transactions and Balance history data. 

  12. Open the workbook stored on your OneDrive using Excel online from a laptop or mobile device. 

ℹ️ You may need to re-add the Excel add-in from the Office Add-ins menu in Excel Online by searching for Tiller in the Add-ins Store each time you want to launch it.

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