If you'd like to transition to using ONLY the Monthly Budget template we recommend migrating your data using these steps. 

If you'd like to use the Monthly Budget sheet within an existing Tiller spreadsheet where you already have categorized transaction data and categories you can manually add in the Yearly Budget sheets using the steps below. 

Compatibility with other Tiller Templates

The Monthly Budget template is compatible with and can be added into (via the manual steps below) the following templates: 

  • Tiller Budget 
  • Debt Snowball Spreadsheet
  • Simple Business 
  • Build Your Own 
  • Raw Data

If you're using another template, like the Lauren Greutman Budget Tracker, you will need to migrate your data to the Yearly Budget to use it. 

Note: You can install the Tiller Budget and the Simple Business template's features INTO the Yearly Budget and Insights template using the Tiller add-on from the Add-ons menu at the top of the Google Sheet.

Migrate the Monthly Budget Sheets Into An Existing Sheet

Follow these steps to add the features and capabilities of the Yearly Budget and Insights template into other Tiller templates to use your existing categorized transaction data and categories. 

  1. Create a new sheet using the Tiller Monthly Budget template. 
  2. Open your existing Tiller spreadsheet where you want to add the Yearly Budget features/sheets.
  3. Navigate to the Categories sheet. 
  4. Right click the column letter header in the far right column on your Categories sheet and choose "insert 1 right" 
  5. Navigate back to the Categories sheet in your the Yearly Budget sheet, select the columns E:P by clicking their column letter, and holding shift to select multiple columns. 
  6. Right click on any column letter and choose "Copy" 
  7. In your existing Tiller sheet, paste the columns E:P into the column you created in step 4 - this should pull in all month columns Jan through Dec per the Categories sheet in the Yearly Budget template.
  8. Copy the URL of your existing Tiller spreadsheet.
  9. In your Yearly Budget sheet, right click the Yearly Budget tab and choose "copy to"
  10. Paste the URL of your existing Tiller spreadsheet into the bottom of the window that appears and choose "select" to copy these sheets into your existing Tiller spreadsheet.
  11. In your existing Tiller spreadsheet double click the tab name "Copy of Yearly Budget" and rename it "Yearly Budget"
  12. Repeat steps 9 through 11 for the other tabs in the Yearly Budget sheet that you want to move into your existing Tiller spreadsheet.

Reach out to support@tillerhq.com if you have trouble with any of these steps.

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