Tiller provides an automated bank balance and transaction feed direct to a Google Sheet. 

Google Sheets powered by Tiller are created on the Tiller Console and are owned by the Tiller Feedbot. 

Financial Templates to Get You Started

Choose from a variety of Google Sheets financial templates as a starting point, or use our Raw Data template if you just want a raw data feed to use for importing into an existing Google Sheet you've already been using. 

Increase Productivity with the Tiller Add-on

Tiller also offers a Google Sheets add-on that makes it easy to install some templates, features, and other productivity tools. 

Use the Tiller add-on to access these features:

  • Envelope and Zero Sum Budgeting
  • Business finance tracking and management
  • Manually adding and reconciling pending transactions
  • Automatically categorizing transactions 
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