The Net Worth sheet gives you the big picture of your net worth. It totals up your current net worth at the very top, charts your net worth over the past twelve months, and puts all your account balances, organized by assets and liabilities, in one place.

Monthly Net Worth Year To Date Chart

The chart on the Dashboard gives you a graphical representation of your assets, liabilities, and net worth for today (at the far right), and for each month for the past year where data exists. The data for this chart is fed by the Balance History sheet. It uses the data associated with the last balance history entry for an account for the given month. If you do not have data for an entire year, or several months, it will display data in weekly increments until there is enough data to fill the chart with month over month data. 

Account Balances 

Below the net worth graph you’ll see your accounts balances for all accounts you’re tracking in this spreadsheet segmented by class: asset or liability. They are also organized by group, which is customizable for all accounts from the Accounts sheet. Accounts that have not been assigned to a group are automatically grouped under the default “No Group Assigned” label.

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