This help article is only valid for Google Sheets created prior to August 26th that are being fed by the Feed Bot. If you need to track manual balances for net worth in sheets created after August 26th fed using the Tiller Money Feeds add-on use these steps.

The Trends sheet gives you a detailed report of your net worth for a chosen time period such as yearly, weekly, monthly or quarterly from a start date you choose. The default start date is the last day of the current month. 

Configure the interval for your trends report and the start date by using the drop downs at the top of the sheet.

The Trends sheet helps you compare your net worth across your chosen time periods by showing the percentage change from the previous period. The current period and latest available balances are to the far right in the table. 

Why is data missing for a period?

If there is no data for a period found in the Balance History sheet for an account the account will have a dash (-) for that period. Tiller pulls the balance data for an account on the day it’s connected to the Tiller Console. If you’re missing data for multiple periods be sure your configured start date is not earlier than the date you connected your accounts to Tiller. 

Read more on manually adding historical balance data

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