This help article is only valid for Google Sheets created prior to August 26th that are being fed by the Feed Bot. If you need to track manual balances for net worth in sheets created after August 26th fed using the Tiller Money Feeds add-on use these steps.

The Net Worth and Trends sheets in the Net Worth Tracker template pull data from the Balance History sheet. Tiller begins pulling balance data when you add the account to the Tiller Console so if you’re brand new to Tiller you might notice historical balance data doesn’t exist in your Net Worth Tracker. Use these steps to manually add historical data for visualizing how your net worth has changed over time.

  1. Open your Net Worth Tracker sheet.

  2. Log in directly to your bank and review the statements for accounts you’re tracking in the the Net Worth template. 

  3. Write down the balance of the account at the end of each month. (Hint: record this in a new sheet within your Net Worth Tracker. Click the plus sign in the bottom left to add a new sheet.)

  4. In your Net Worth Tracker sheet, navigate to the Balance History sheet.

  5. Insert a row above row 2 by right clicking the row number and choosing “insert 1 above.”

  6. Copy/paste an existing balance history entry for the account from step 1. 

  7. Change the date in the date column to correspond to the last day of the month for the statement you recorded in step 3.

  8. Change the balance amount to match the balance on the statement you recorded in step 3.

  9. Update the Month and Week column data to correspond to the month and week during which the balance history entry occurred. Tiller always uses Sunday as the starting day of the week.

  10. Repeat these steps for any account on which you want historical net worth data. 

Note: You can also follow these same steps to quickly generate historical balance data for accounts that you’ve added manually in the “Unlinked Accounts” area on the Accounts sheet. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure that the index numbers in the Balance History sheet for the manual entries are identical to the index numbers that Tiller has assigned in the automated balance entries. 

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