When Tiller Money pulls transaction and balance data into a sheet the data will remain there even if you unlink the account from the sheet or close the account. If you no longer want to see this data in your sheet you'll need to remove it manually. 

📺 Video demo below 📺

To remove the Transaction data:

  1. Turn on the filter in your Transactions sheet.

  2. Sort by the Account column. (Tip: turn on a filter to review transactions for only this account). 

  3. Clear all the rows of transaction data for the unlinked/closed account.

  4. If you filtered the account column, clear the filter on the Account column by selecting all accounts. 

  5. Sort the transactions sheet by the date column, Z > A.

To remove balance data:

  1. Open the Balance History sheet (this is usually a hidden sheet).

  2. Turn the filter on for the entire Balance History sheet.

  3. Sort by the Account column.

  4. Filter the Account column by the Account you want to remove

  5. Clear the rows of data for the account. 

  6. Sort the sheet newest to oldest by the Date column.

  7. Turn off the filter. 

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