This troubleshooting guide is only applicable for AutoCat for Feed Bot -  Google Sheets owned by the Tiller Feed Bot created BEFORE August 26, 2019.

I can't find the "Tiller add-on"

The Tiller add-on was renamed "Envelope Budget" in the fall of 2020. The add-on should still be in your Add-ons menu under Envelope Budget.

I'm getting a "spreadsheet incompatible" message when I try to install AutoCat or turn on the Run Automatically feature 

As of March 23, 2020, the AutoCat for Feed Bot via the Envelope Budget add-on (formerly called the Tiller add-on) is no longer compatible with Tiller Money Feeds sheets. Seamlessly migrate your existing AutoCat sheet to work with the Tiller Money Feeds add-on. Learn more.

My categories are out of order by 1 row on my Transactions sheet after AutoCat for Feed Bot ran automatically

We discovered and fixed a bug in Sept 2019 where AutoCat for Feed Bot was mis-categorizing transactions after running automatically in sheets fed by the Tiller Feed Bot. Due to the way the Feed Bot adds transactions and sorts the sheet newest to oldest we increased the delay between the fill/sort and AutoCat for Feed Bot running automatically to prevent this issue. 

The fastest way to fix it is to just clear the Categories column and re-run AutoCat for Feed Bot manually, but you will lose the existing categorizations on Transactions that AutoCat for Feed Bot doesn't catch. 

If that creates too much work to go back and do those manually you'd need to:

  1. Right click and duplicate your Transactions sheet. 

  2. Use the version history features (under file menu) in Google Sheets to make a copy of the last correct version.

  3. Copy the data in that Transactions sheet (in the copy of a revision) and paste it into (and overwrite) the data in the original Transactions sheet.

  4. Use the Copy of Transactions (the one you duplicated in step 1) to get the most recent transaction data into your original Transactions sheet. 

AutoCat for Feed Bot won't run when I choose "Run" from the AutoCat Run dropdown menu

  1. Make sure there aren't any blank rows in the AutoCat ruleset sheet.

  2. Make sure all your Categories are valid and don't have errors. Errors/invalid categories are indicated by a red triangle in the upper right corner of a Category cell. This indicates you renamed or removed a category from the Categories sheet. 

  3. Make sure all cells in the Category column on the Transactions sheet have a dropdown menu. 

  4. If either of the above was true, try running AutoCat again by choosing "Run" from the "Run AutoCat" dropdown in cell F2 on the AutoCat sheet. 

If you still can't get AutoCat for Feed Bot to run, try turning the Run Automatically feature on then off. 

  1. Open the Add-ons menu at the top of the Google Sheet

  2. Choose Envelope Budget > AutoCat for Feed Bot > Run Automatically 

If it indicates that automatic run was already turned on, turn it off then back on. 

  1. Open the Add-ons menu at the top of the Google Sheet

  2. Choose Envelope Budget > AutoCat for Feed Bot > Don't Run Automatically 

  3. Then turn it back on. 

If that still doesn't work try re-installing the AutoCat sheet. 

  1. Change the name of your existing AutoCat sheet from AutoCat to AutoCat-old by double clicking the tab to rename. 

  2. Refresh your browser to refresh the sheet so the Tiller add-on will no longer "see" the AutoCat sheet. 

  3. Open the Add-ons menu from the top of the Google Sheet.

  4. Choose Envelope Budget > AutoCat for Feed Bot > Create

  5. Copy/paste your ruleset from the AutoCat-Old sheet to the new one. Right click and choose Paste Special > Values only for best results.

  6. Run AutoCat.

Getting "Authorization is required to perform this action" error

You may receive this message when trying to run or install AutoCat for Feed Bot if you're logged into multiple Google Accounts in the same browser session. 

To fix:

  1. Visit the Tiller Console and click the log out button at the bottom. 

  2. Log out of all Google Accounts in your browser (visit gmail.com and log out).

  3. Log back in to the Tiller Console.

  4. Open your sheet and re-run the add-on. 

AutoCat sheet is stuck on "AutoCat Running...." 

How to Fix It

  1. Delete the words "AutoCat running..." from the cell (Cell E3).

  2. Set the Run dropdown back to "Ready."

  3. Make sure there aren't any blank rows in the AutoCat rules you’ve set up. If there are blank rows, delete them.

  4. Make sure that all the cells in the Category column on the Transactions sheet have the dropdown menu in them. Make sure the filter is turned off while double checking this. If any cells are missing the dropdown menu, AutoCat will get stuck. Restore the dropdown menu to all cells in the category column by clicking the first category cell in the Transactions sheet. Open the Data menu at the top of the Google Sheet, choose "Data validation" and in the Cell Range configuration set it to Transactions!D2:D (or whatever column letter the Category column is in your Transactions sheet) then click "save."

  5. Set the Run dropdown to “Run" on the AutoCat sheet. 

AutoCat for Feed Bot won't run because Categorized Date column is missing

  1. Open the Transactions sheet 

  2. Insert a column to the left of "Date Added" (to the far right)

  3. Title it "Categorized Date" 

  4. Re-run AutoCat

AutoCat for Feed Bot won't run because Account Column is missing

If you're using an older version of a Tiller spreadsheet template you might not have the account column, which is required for AutoCat to run. 

  1. Insert a new column

  2. Title it Account

AutoCat for Feed Bot gives a "Cannot call method "copy" of null" error

If your category validation is broken (or you don't have a Category column) on your Transactions sheet you may get this error when trying to run AutoCat. 

To fix:

If your sheet is not set up to use Categories (raw data template) 

  1. Add the Categories sheet and create your categories list

  2. Add the Category column to your Transactions sheet 

  3. Set up the validation for the Category column using these steps

If your category column is missing the dropdown box

  1. Fix your category validation using  these steps

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