Google's Security

Google has invested heavily into security, and by our estimates, they are among the leading companies in offering consumers and organizations robust tools to ensure their data is secure. Small and large companies and governments now trust and rely on Google for their most valuable data. We highly recommend everyone uses Google’s optional (and free) 2-Step Verification feature. You can read more here: 

Privacy and Google Drive

For free Google account users, all Google content can be considered when Google is deciding which ads and search results are most relevant for you. You can read more here:

For G Suite users (, Google has a stricter position on privacy. “G Suite customers own their data, not Google. The data that G Suite organizations and users put into our systems is theirs, and we do not scan it for advertisements nor sell it to third parties.” You can read more here:

Excel as an alternative to Google Drive

We are currently in beta with Excel, which offers Tiller customer another choice in their spreadsheet tool. When used with desktop Excel, this will allow customers the flexibility of keeping their spreadsheets outside of the cloud.

Read more about Tiller's security

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