Analyze Budgets History is a menu option under "Budget" in the Tiller add-on for Google Sheets. This feature is intended to be used with templates that are running the "Tiller Budget" that has this dashboard. 

Using Analyze Budgets History runs a script that updates your Budgets History sheet (a sheet that is hidden by default) to make sure that your Budget Dashboard reflects the most accurate information.

  1. Open the add-ons menu at the top of your Google Sheet
  2. Choose Tiller > Budget > Analyze Budgets History

The script should run automatically every night, but you may want to run it manually from the Add-on menu if you’ve made changes that will impact other budget periods or find that your Budget dashboard isn't functioning as intended (this means the trigger that runs the script automatically has failed and running Analyze Budgets History will re-initiate it). 

You should run Analyze Budgets History if you:

  • Modified a past budget
  • Categorized or added transactions from a past period
  • Modified existing budget periods by manually editing the Budgets History sheet
  • Added budget periods by manually editing the Budgets History sheet
  • The newest, current budget period isn't appearing in the dropdown on your dashboard.
  • The Adjust cell on the dashboard doesn't seem to work. 
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