The Institution Outages Dashboard is intended to help keep you informed about data feed outages our data provider, Yodlee, has reported to us or that we've observed by talking to other customers.

The dashboard is part of our proactive troubleshooting around account connection errors, missing transactions, and staying updated on the latest ETA for an issue's resolution. 

Reasons you may check the dashboard: 

  1. To understand why you can't connect (or reconnect) an account.

  2. To understand why you're missing data for a specific account.

  3. To get information on when you can try again. 

  4. To get the latest updates on the issue.

These are global outages that affect many customers and some or all account types for the institution. The dashboard will indicate the name of the institution, date that the issue started, a tentative ETA for the fix, as well as the date of the last update we received from Yodlee.

It also reports an estimated % of customers impacted and the specific account types that are impacted. 

How to use the Institution Outage Dashboard

  1. Open the dashboard found here.

  2.  Review the list of alphabetized Institutions to see if yours is on the list

  3. Review the start date, tentative ETA, and last updated date

  4. Try updating the credentials for a connected account or adding the account again on the ETA date. 

  5. If you're still having problems updating it on the ETA date, check the dashboard again to see if the ETA has been pushed. 

Note: press CTRL + F (CMD + F on Mac) to search for your institution.

Notes about ETAs of issues

The ETA for the fix, as well as most other data in this dashboard, is provided by our data provider, Yodlee, and is automated into this dashboard. In our experience, the ETA for a fix can continue to get pushed. 

If the ETA for an issue has passed, and there is also no recent update about the issue, it is our understanding that it is still ongoing. 

If you find this is the case for an issue with one of your institutions (the ETA was more than a week ago and there has been no recent update) please let us know by emailing with account specifics and we can contact them to try and get more information.

If there is no ETA for a listed issue, it is likely one that we've manually added based on a high number of customers experiencing issues, but Yodlee hasn't reported it as an outage yet. 

Types of Issues that Cause Global Outages

The most common cause for a global outage for an institution is when the institution (e.g. Bank of America, Discover, Amex) changes their banking site's layout, which requires our data provider to adjust the integration with that specific bank so they can continue accessing the transactions and balances. 

Sometimes banks also improve their security mechanisms by requiring all customers to turn on multi-factor authentication, sometimes in the form of two-factor authentication. These types of security changes can also require our data provider to re-work integrations. 

The fix for these issues varies from weeks to months.

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