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How to copy a sheet (tab) to another Google Sheet
How to copy a sheet (tab) to another Google Sheet

Learn how to copy financial reports and sheets between Google Sheets.

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A handy thing about Google Sheets is that you can copy the tab from one Google Sheet into another Google Sheet.

This is especially powerful when you spend time building your own customized financial reports and budgets and decide you want to re-use them in another Google Sheet powered by Tiller Money's automated bank data feeds.

How to copy a sheet between Google Sheets

  1. Copy the URL of the target Google Sheet

  2. Open the Google Sheet that has the tab you want to copy into the target sheet

  3. Right click the tab you want to copy

  4. Choose "Copy to > Existing Spreadsheet" 

  5. Paste the URL into the bottom of the window that appears

  6. Choose Select

  7. Rename the tab in the target Google Sheet if desired 

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