Follow these steps to connect the Tiller Foundation template to your bank data feeds. Watch the animation below for a demo. 

  1. Click here to open the Tiller Foundation template 

  2. Click “Use template” in the upper right. This will create a copy of the sheet in your Google Drive. NOTE: If you get an infinitely spinning circle at this step, see the alternate steps at the bottom of this help doc.

  3. Give this sheet a unique name. Edit the name in the upper left of the Google Sheet.

  4. Click “Add to Sheets” in the sidebar on the right hand side. If this doesn’t automatically appear for you, open the Add-ons (or Extensions) menu at the top of the Google Sheet and choose Tiller Money Feeds > Install OR Launch. You may have already installed the add-on, in which case the sidebar with "Add to sheets" will not appear.

  5. Authorize the add-on to run using the gmail you use for Tiller if you haven't already. If you didn't subscribe to Tiller with a Google account, authorize the Tiller Money Feeds add-on to work with whichever Google account you use more frequently.

  6. Click “Use” in the sidebar to launch the Tiller Money Feeds add-on. 

  7. Sign in to the Tiller Feeds add-on using your Tiller subscribed email account.

  8. Click “Link sheet” to link the sheet to your Tiller Console. 

  9. Choose which accounts should feed this sheet by placing a check mark next to them and then choose to Confirm the account links. 

  10. The Feeds add-on should start updating your sheet with the latest transactions and current balances for any accounts you linked to this sheet. 

👇If you have any issues, refer to the troubleshooting guide at the bottom.👇

Troubleshooting common issues connecting to the data feed

- Clicking "Use Template" results in an infinitely spinning circle 

We believe this issue has something to do with how you're signed in to Google in the browser (or the fact that you're not signed in). The experience is best on Google Chrome, but if you're logged in to multiple Google accounts in the same session sometimes the "Use template" button/feature gets confused about which account it should use to create and store the sheet on Google Drive. 

We recommend a dedicated Google Chrome profile for use with Tiller that isn't signed in to other Google accounts. 

- After clicking "Use template" a sidebar opens, but you don't see the "Use" button to install Tiller Money Feeds, but instead a spinning colorful circle.

- I don't see the "Use Template" option after opening the Foundation Template

- I don't see the Tiller Money Feeds add-on in the Add-ons menu

If you're experiencing any of the above issues use these steps to get started with the Tiller Foundation Template and the Tiller Money Feeds add-on

Step 1: Install the Tiller Money Feeds add-on from the Gsuite Marketplace

Step 2: make a copy of the Foundation Template 

  1. Access a view only copy of the Foundation template here PLEASE DO NOT REQUEST ACCESS....

  2. Open the File menu at the top of the Google Sheet

  3. Choose "Make a copy" 

  4. Open the add-ons (or Extensions) menu at the top of the Google Sheet

  5. Choose "Tiller Money Feeds" 

  6. Click "Sign in to Tiller" 

  7. Sign in to Tiller using your Tiller-subscribed gmail account 

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