The Insights sheet will light up as soon as you start the data feed to your Foundation template using the Tiller Bank Feeds add-on. It’s intended to give you insights into your current financial standing and recent spending.

Quick Insights 

You’ll see a few key insights from the last 90 days of your transaction data in the top left of the Insights dashboard. You also see some stats about how much data Tiller has pulled for you so far. 

You’ll also see the current balances of your three most active accounts based on transaction activity in the last 90 days. 

Net Worth 

The Insights dashboard also aims to provide a quick net worth calculation (assets - liabilities) based on accounts you’ve linked for automated feeds to this spreadsheet. If something looks amiss here, check the Balances sheet to make sure your account classes (asset or liability) are assigned correctly. If not, you can correct that using these steps.

If you want to manually track accounts review these steps.

Transaction Analyzer

The Transaction Analyzer will give you a few basic reports as soon as your data starts feeding into the sheet. You can adjust the analyzer’s settings to customize the reporting data for a different time period or just a specific account. 

Top 10 Inflows shows you the top 10 inflowing transactions, usually this is income, but it can also include transfers depending on what accounts you have linked and/or visible in the reports. 

Top 10 Outflows shows you the top 10 outflowing transactions, which is usually spending, but it can also include transfers. 

Note: If you don’t want transfers included in these reports you should make sure all your transactions are categorized and that Transfer category types are marked as “Hide” on the Categories sheet. 

Top 10 Accounts by Activity shows you which of your accounts have the most transactions in order from most to least active accounts. 

Top 10 Descriptions by Frequency shows you where you’re spending money most, the total count of transactions across the selected date range and how much. 

Set up your categories and start categorizing your transactions to fuel even more of the Insights sheet. 

After categorizing transactions, grouped rows 19 - 31 will come to life. 

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