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Customizing Categories
Customizing Categories

Learn how to customize categories in Tiller-powered spreadsheets.

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Open the Categories sheet (tab along the bottom) to customize your Categories. The Foundation Template can support up to 200 unique categories within 20 unique groups.

Default Categories

The Foundation Template starts you out with a set of simple default categories and groups. You can use these categories out of the box if you don't want to spend time thinking about a more complex structure when you're getting started.

No matter your money situation, these default categories can be used as you're starting out with Tiller to help you quickly get a valuable breakdown of where your money is going. Feel free to use these as is, modify them slightly, completely overwrite them or clear out this sheet and start from scratch. The default categories are intended to be inspiration for you!

Custom categories

If you prefer to create a custom list of Categories you're totally free to modify the existing categories to support that. If you want some inspiration for how to structure and think about categories, you can check out this lively community topic.

We recommend that you customize your categories by typing over the default categories. If something doesn't resonate with you, just overwrite it and set the group and type accordingly.

If you've modified all the existing categories, we recommend adding new categories to the bottom of the list rather than inserting rows.

Once you've got a complete list you can sort the Categories sheet by the Group or Category column to see your categories organized more neatly.

All categories should have a Group and a Type assigned. 

Hide a category from other reports by marking it as “Hide” in the “Hide from Reports” column on the Categories sheet. 

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