Tiller Money Labs is a playground for the team at Tiller Money to build experimental spreadsheet solutions, including templates, add-ons, scripts, and workflows.

Most of the experiments from Tiller Money Labs are designed for Google or Excel spreadsheets powered by Tiller Money’s daily finance feeds. 

As with all good experiments, Labs projects may inspire and delight.

However, sometimes even promising experiments go awry. If you’re open to adventure, we invite you to join us to play in our lab.

Explore what Tiller Labs is doing in the Tiller Money Community

Tiller Money Labs add-on

The Tiller Money Labs add-on is a way to showcase templates and solutions built by Tiller Labs that demonstrate what's possible with Tiller Money. Many of the Google Sheets templates formerly hosted on the Tiller Console are available via the Labs add-on as well as new solutions that the Labs team is quickly developing and sharing in the Tiller Money Community. 

You can use the Labs add-on to access and try out new compatible solutions. These solutions/templates are now supported by our team in the Tiller Money Community.

Some Labs add-on solutions (Debt Progress, Net Worth, Balances) are only compatible with the latest version of the Accounts sheet. If you're using a sheet created prior to August 26, 2019 these solutions will not be compatible with your spreadsheet. You can use these manual steps to upgrade your Accounts. 

The Tiller Budget with Rollovers for Zero-Sum/Envelope Budgeting and the Simple Business template are also now a part of the Labs family of templates, but are still accessible only via the Tiller add-on. 

Read more about our Tiller Money's add-ons.

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