Tiller Money is a financial tool that makes managing your money in a spreadsheet fast and easy by automatically updating Google Sheets and Excel with your daily transactions and balances. The Foundation Template for Google Sheets makes it simple to get started and see what's possible.

We believe spreadsheets are the best way to really get in tune with your money. They're flexible, collaborative, and incredibly customizable. 

How Tiller Money Works

After you start your free trial, you can connect all your accounts to Tiller Money via our financial data provider, Yodlee. They support data feeds for more than 20,000 financial institutions from around the world including banking, credit cards, loans, investment accounts, and more. 

From there you'll choose which platform you prefer to use, Google Sheets or Microsoft Excel, and wire up your first spreadsheet for daily data feeds. 

Each day Tiller grabs your latest transactions and balances from Yodlee and pulls the data into your spreadsheets. You can opt in to a daily email summary to get your daily balances and transactions delivered right to your inbox. 

You can choose to use our template or pull your financial data right into your own spreadsheet. Everything is in one place, and the sky is the limit for customizing your spreadsheet based on your unique financial situation. 

How the free trial works

Your free trial begins as soon as you accept the terms of service and enter a payment method after clicking "start trial" on the Console after signing in with a Google account.

You get 30 days free to try out Tiller Money. You can cancel at any point during the free trial and still have the remainder of your trial free.

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