What is a Google Sheets add-on?

Think of add-ons as plugins for your Google Sheets. They allow you to automate workflows and processes, making your work in Google Sheets faster, easier, and more efficient. 

What are Tiller's Google Sheets add-ons?

Tiller has two primary add-ons for leveraging the power of an automated financial data feed to Google Sheets. 

Tiller Money Feeds add-on

The Tiller Money Feeds add-on is the primary mechanism by which we feed financial data into Google Sheets. It's our core product add-on. It's required for all Tiller customers that want to use Google Sheets.

The Tiller Money Feeds add-on allows you to fill your Google Sheet with your latest financial transactions and balances directly via the add-on's sidebar. You can connect the feed to any Google Sheet or start in our Foundation Template. You are the Google Drive permissions "owner" of the Google Sheet. 

The Tiller Money Feeds add-on also includes AutoCat for faster categorization workflows, Split Transactions for easily splitting transactions across multiple categories, the option to add balances and details about manually tracked accounts and more. 

The add-on will require you to re-authenticate once every 28 days. The primary access token for the add-on expires every 28 days. This is a security best practice. You may have to log in more frequently than 28 days if you do not launch the add-on frequently enough because the token will also expire after 14 days of inactivity. The only activity that counts is launching the add-on sidebar in a Google Sheet.

You will be automatically logged out and have to log back in at least once every 28 days. The log out will turn off the Auto Fill in your Google Sheet if you have that enabled and you will have to turn it back on in each spreadsheet.

Tiller Community Solutions add-on

The Community Solutions add-on offers community-built solutions to common financial riddles like tracking your net worth or building a debt payoff plan. It allows us to deliver these experimental solutions using a modular approach (e.g. you can drop in a net worth tracking sheet into your Foundation template and not need to create a brand new Google Sheet to give it a try).

Solutions installed via the Tiller Community Solutions add-on are supported by the Tiller Community. You can learn more about the add-on and the included solutions here

The Tiller Community Solutions add-on also offers other tools and reports for better financial analysis in spreadsheets. Including manually adding and reconciling transactions, splitter transactions, building category line item details reports,  importing CSVs and more. 

Why are these add-ons separate?

Our add-on "ecosystem" has evolved as Tiller's product offering has evolved since 2015. There are many pros and cons to building the functionality that spans these add-ons into a single add-on, and the technology that powers these add-ons is still relatively new, so as we learn we refine. 

We may consolidate the features of some of our add-ons into some of the others and eliminate some entirely. (e.g. the Transaction splitter may eventually end up as a part of our core product add-on - Tiller Money Feeds).

NOTE: If you're an existing customer that subscribed prior to August 26, 2019 and want to start fresh in a new Google Sheet review our Guide to Transitioning from a Feed Bot sheet to a Tiller Money Feeds sheet

Can I use these add-ons if I have Advanced Protection turned on for my Google Account?

You can use the Tiller Money Feeds add-on if you have Advanced Protection turned on because the scopes required are more limited than some of the other add-ons. You will not be able to install the Tiller Community Solutions add-on if you have Advanced Protection turned on. A workaround is to use a separate Google Account that does not have Advanced Protection turned on to install these add-ons and run them in your Tiller powered Google Sheets through that account. 

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