Out of the box the Tiller Foundation Template offers one year of budgeting via the columns in the Categories sheet. Use the below steps to add an additional 12 budgeting months to your Foundation Template.

  1. Open your Tiller Foundation Template

  2. Navigate to the Categories sheet

  3. Select column E and hold the shift key and then select column P

  4. Right click and choose “Insert 12 right” to insert 12 blank columns to the right of the current budgeting year’s month columns. 

  5. Use the quick fill square to pull and fill the contents of column P into the 12 blank column headers. This should create 12 new budget months. 

  6. Use the quick fill square to pull and fill the contents of your category budgets for the first category in your list from left to right. Alternatively, if you want to start over with brand new budget amounts vs using the prior year’s budget amounts, you can type =Q2 into cell R2 and then fill that to the right using the quick fill square. 

  7. Hold shift and select all the cells for the 12 new months for the first category (that you just filled across to the right). Hint: you can select the first one, hold shift, and select the last one to the far right and it will select all 12. 

  8. Use the quick fill square to fill the formulas down to all your category budget rows for the new year. This just allows for rapid budget filling when you fill in the budget amount for the first month it will cascade to the right.

  9. Optionally: hide columns E - P when the new year starts so those don’t get in the way. Click column E, hold shift, then click column P. Right click and choose “Hide columns E - P” 

  10. Plan out your budget for the new year by entering budget amounts into the cells for each category. Start with column Q and they should cascade automatically to all months from R - AB. 

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