Where do I set my budget amounts for categories?

Budget amounts are set on the Categories sheet in the respective month column. 

Why aren't my category totals showing up on the Categories sheet?

The month columns on the Categories sheet are where you set, budget amounts. Review the Yearly Budget tab for actuals per month or install the Monthly Analysis sheet from Tiller Labs for more granular monthly tracking insights. 

Why is there a REF error on my budget dashboard

Most often these errors appear because a direct edit was made to the dashboard (e.g. you tried to set the budget amounts in the budget column directly in the dashboard). You can easily correct these errors by clearing the contents of the cell referenced in the error. For example, in the screenshot below the the error indicates there is text in cell F20 that is preventing the formula from expanding that displays the data. After clearing the manual entry in F20 the error should go away and the dashboard should resume working. 

If that doesn't help, you can try restoring the dashboard using the Tiller Labs add-on under Managed Solutions in the sidebar. 

Why are some areas of my insights sheet now blank?

Sometimes this happens when you restore the Accounts sheet using the Tiller Labs add-on. The best way to fix it is to restore the Insights sheet using the Tiller Labs add-on. 

  1. Install or open the Tiller Labs add-on (Open from the Add-ons menu at the top of your Google Sheet).
  2. Choose Managed Solutions in the sidebar
  3. Click Quick Insights 
  4. Choose Restore or Upgrade Sheet
  5. Choose to Overwrite Existing

If that doesn't fix your Insights sheet reach out to support@tillerhq.com to let us know.

Why isn't one of my categories showing in the dropdown list?

Sometimes the data validation (dropdown menu) breaks in the Transaction sheet when you insert a row at the bottom of the Categories sheet. You can use this guide to help you reset it.

Can I include more than 12 months in my budget?

The Tiller Foundation template supports multi-year budgeting (by adding more month columns to the Categories sheet - steps linked below), but you can only visualize a 12 month period on the Yearly Budget sheet. 

Review the steps for setting up your Foundation Template to support multi-year budgeting.

How can I use the Foundation Template for envelope budgeting?

The Tiller Foundation Template does not support envelope or zero-sum budgeting. If you prefer that budgeting method we recommend testing out the Tiller Budget. 

Read more and get support on the Tiller Money Community

Why am I getting a "spreadsheet not compatible" message?

You may get this message if you try to run the Tiller Budget (via the Tiller add-on) setup process in the Foundation Template. These budgets are not compatible with each other. 

Read a more comprehensive comparison of the two budgets over on the Tiller Money Community here.

You might also get a spreadsheet not compatible message in the Tiller Money Feeds add-on, specifically about the Transactions sheet, if you have accidentally deleted the word "Date" in the Transactions sheet. You can simply re-type the word "Date" into the header row and reload the Tiller Money Feeds add-on to fix this issue. 

Finally, some Tiller Labs solutions are not compatible with certain versions of sheets. And you may notice that some solutions are listed in the Incompatible solutions section of the Tiller Labs add-on when trying to Add a Solution. 

Learn more about incompatible solutions in the Tiller Labs add-on.

How can I track my net worth or debt payoff in this template?

You can add solutions for net worth tracking, debt payoff, and much more using the Tiller Labs add-on.

Learn more and get support for the Tiller Labs add-on in the Tiller Money Community

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