If you're seeing duplicates of an account in your spreadsheet this usually happens because you removed an account from the Tiller Console and re-added it as a troubleshooting step to fix the connection. When you re-added it and linked it to the same sheet it was assigned a new unique Account ID and thus appears as a new, separate account in your sheet. 

If you're seeing duplicated accounts on the Account Summary in the Tiller Console please reach out to support@tillerhq.com to let us know. 

To deal with the duplicated accounts in your spreadsheet you'll need to clean up the Balance History sheet. 

  1. Open your Balance History sheet. 

2. Select all the data in the sheet and turn on the filter. 

3. Sort the sheet by the Account column and then filter the list to only include the duplicated accounts.

4. Find the most recent entry for the account (sort by the Date column if needed).
5. Copy/paste the Account ID (might be a hidden column) for the most recent entry for ALL entries for the account. This will be overwriting the entries associated with the initial instance that was connected with the new, active Account ID being fed by Tiller. 

Tip: Hold shift and select the first account ID cell and scroll to the bottom and select the last Account ID cell and then past to quickly paste the Account ID into all relevant cells. 

6. Repeat these steps for all duplicated accounts. 

Dealing with Duplicate Transactions

If you have duplicated accounts due to removing/re-adding accounts on the Tiller Console, you also likely have about 90 days worth of duplicated Transactions. 

You can manually remove the duplicates from the Transactions sheet (hint: use the Date added column out to the far right as a marker for sorting). 

You can also use an experimental Tiller Labs add-on Manage Duplicates workflow to clean up the duplicates. This feature is supported and documented in the Tiller Money Community and has only been lightly tested. Use at your own risk. If you have questions or run into issues with this feature, reply to the wiki doc for the feature linked above. This feature is only available for Google Sheets.

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