Revisions released on May 11, 2020

After collecting customer feedback and observing the system impacts of the March 2020 changes to the Account Summary refresh process on the Console we decided to make additional revisions to support more reliable and timely refreshes.

Removed “Refresh All Accounts” button

This button was in contradiction to the way our data provider expects us to leverage the refresh capabilities they provide. We believe the use of this button was causing refresh conflicts, delays, and technical errors for many customers when trying to refresh accounts requiring multi-factor authentication.

Refresh buttons & timestamps

All accounts that have a refresh date of more than 36 hours ago have a bolded last refresh date and a blue refresh button to help customers understand which accounts need their attention. These are ones that are likely accounts requiring additional security codes or answers to reconnect and pull data.

Refresh button launches Fastlink

Each refresh button will launch Fastlink, our data provider’s user interface for refreshing accounts and providing credentials and security codes. This is the expected workflow from our data provider.

Why did these things change?

We believe that these changes will vastly improve the performance and reliability of account refreshes because they are aligned with the way our data provider expects us to integrate with their service. We also believe that most accounts for most customers refresh on their own automatically overnight or within 24-36 hours so there is no need for the “Refresh all” button. The “Refresh w/ MFA” button previously in place was not being presented accurately, as we are unable to reliably gather this information from our data provider.

Released on March 16, 2020

A new version of the Account Summary was released on March 16, 2020. The improvements to the Account Summary are intended to help you understand:

  1. Which financial institutions/logins you have connected to the Tiller Console.

  2. The last successful refresh date and time for a specific institution. 

  3. Whether a specific institution’s connection currently needs your attention (e.g. you need to enter a 2FA code to pull your latest data). 

IMPORTANT: Visiting the Tiller Console will no longer automatically kick off an account refresh. Click "Refresh All Accounts" to refresh your accounts if you don't see a recent refresh date within the last 24 hours. 

Look for accounts that show "Refresh w/MFA" and enter your credentials for those under "Connection"

These improvements will also allow you to: 

  1. Refresh accounts all at once or on a per account basis. 

  2. Enter two factor codes or security prompts and update credentials at the institution level rather than the individual account level. 

Deleting accounts

To delete an account click the … next to an account and choose “remove account” to delete it. Deleting the account does not remove the accounts’ data from your existing spreadsheets. 

Note: We hope to offer the option to delete all accounts for an institution with one action in a future update. 

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