I'm having issues getting the Excel add-in installed and opening in Excel

Make sure that the two accounts depicted in this screenshot are the same. They should be the Microsoft account associated with your Office 365 subscription.

Getting an error during update

We've found that this error occurs in the following circumstances:

  1. The Date column is missing the word "Date" in the header row (row 1) in the Transactions sheet.

It may occur in other circumstances yet to be defined.

Getting a "cannot access the file" error when trying to install the Excel add-in

Often times this error is presented, but the add-in was successfully installed. After seeing this error you can confirm that the add-in was installed by going to the Insert ribbon, then choose "My Add-ins" and then add the Automated Bank Feeds add-in to your Excel application.

One workaround is to follow the steps for using Excel Online. You can use Excel Online to install the add-in and load it with your data. You'll need to use the Excel Online add-in to update it each time, but then you can open it with the Excel application to make changes.

Read more about using Excel Online with Tiller Money

I'm unable to log in to the Excel add-in using my Tiller Money subscribed Google Account

When trying to authenticate with your Google account as part of the login process for the Excel add-in you cannot click on any of the Google account options in the login/authentication window.

Fix: update Windows and Excel to the versions depicted in the screenshots.

My Category is missing from the dropdown on the Transactions sheet

The data validation on the Category column on the Transactions sheet is set to a limit at row 98 on the Categories sheet. Change this to reflect the number of categories you have and check the box indicating "Apply these changes to all other cells with the same settings."

Javascript error when trying to sign in

You receive an error message when trying to sign in to Tiller Money add-in from Excel "The browser you're using doesn't support JavaScript, or has JavaScript turned off."

To fix (known steps only for Microsoft Excel for Mac OS)

  1. Click the "info" icon in the Excel add-in

  2. Click "Clear web cache"

  3. Click "reload"

I see a “Something went wrong” error after logging in via Excel Online

After signing in to Tiller via the Tiller Money Feeds add-in from Excel Online you see a “something went wrong” error in the task pane.

  1. Close the task pane and relaunch the Tiller Money Feeds add-in for Excel

  2. You should be signed in and able to use the add-in

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