If your institution is experiencing an outage or you're waiting for our data provider to fix an issue with your institution you should plan to manually track the account until it's working again.

Review this guide for options on manually importing your transactions during an outage or disconnection.

Communication with Yodlee

In some cases after you've contacted us with the details of your account error/disconnect issue we may need to contact our data provider, Yodlee. We only contact Yodlee about issues if there is not an active site alert.

We communicate with customers when we get an update from Yodlee, and sometimes this can take several days or in some cases weeks before we hear back. If you don't hear from us, it just means we haven't received an update from them yet.

If your issue is about a high volume institution we'll check in with you more regularly on the issue.

If your issue is about a low volume institution we'll only check in with you when we have an update from Yodlee.

When Yodlee sends us an update we communicate next steps to you as quickly as possible to see whether the changes they have made work. If their attempted fix doesn't work we report this to them and they continue investigating and the cycle starts over. This can result in several rounds of back and forth where we're asking you to try the same steps (e.g. try refreshing or adding the account) over and over again.

We apologize for the repetitive nature of this process, but due to the way many banking data feed integrations work this is the only way to test and validate the fixes for disconnection issues.

We cannot resolve all issues with Yodlee that you may encounter. Review the summary below to help manage expectations about types of service requests we have success resolving.

High volume vs low volume institutions

High volume institutions

High volume institutions make up the largest volume of refreshes and have the most customers. Some of these financial institutions also have deployed open banking or other APIs, which improve the performance and reliability of the connection. Issues for these institutions typically get resolved in a few days to a few weeks. Resolutions can take longer when banks are migrating to new technologies or it’s necessary to work directly with the bank’s teams. Because of the volume of customers and the relationship Yodlee has with these banks, issues with these sites often don’t require as much troubleshooting assistance from Tiller customers.

Low volume institutions

Low volume institutions have fewer customers connecting to the institution within Tiller and across all of Yodlee's network. Resolutions for these low volume institution issues can take longer and usually require more troubleshooting assistance from Tiller customers because Yodlee doesn’t often have a direct relationship with the bank. At times, this includes repetitive steps for Tiller customers to keep trying and reporting back. It could even include a troubleshooting call with Yodlee. Resolutions can take a few weeks (and in rare cases, some issues cannot be resolved in a reasonable time period until the banks upgrade their technology).

Please take not of the following expectations when we submit a request to Yodlee for a low volume site issue.

  • We will reach out only when we have an update from our data provider on this issue.

  • While we wait for an update, please continue to try refreshing or adding this institution in Tiller at least once a week. This will ensure that our data provider has recent logged attempts. If anything changes with the experience, please let us know. No need to let us know if nothing has changed.

  • Please check your email for an update from us regularly. We usually get our first update from them within 14 days. The more quickly you respond that you’ve tried the recommended steps, the faster we can get this resolved for you.

  • Since this is a low volume site with fewer customers, we may ask you to repeat the same steps several times until we can get this working. We’ll need you to be an active participant in this process, even if it feels repetitive.

  • If you don't hear from us it just means that we haven't heard back from them, but rest assured, we'll keep your request open and reach out when we have an update.

Can all issues be resolved with Yodlee's help?

We can resolve many issues with help from Yodlee, but there are some issues we may not be able to resolve.

Issues we can usually resolve with Yodlee.

  • You're getting an error message while trying to refresh or connect an account for the first time and you've tried again a few times over a few days.

  • You're not receiving recent transactions for an account. Please be sure you review this missing transactions guide before contacting us about this issue.

  • You're not seeing balances for an account.

  • You're seeing incorrect balance for an account.

  • Your account information is incorrect.

Issues we can sometimes resolve with Yodlee

  • You're not seeing an account being pulled into the Account Summary on the Tiller Console that shows up when you log in directly to your bank's website. We do not support insurance or reward account types.

  • Duplicate transactions that persist for more than a week.

Issues we cannot resolve with Yodlee

  • Credit card number level transaction detail. We have not had much success with pulling in the credit card number associated with the transaction when multiple cards are issued for a single account because we pull data at the account number level in most cases.

  • 2FA setting frequently disconnects the account.

  • Batch of missing transactions prior to a disconnection issue but after your initial import

  • Missing transactions due to a disconnection or inactivity for more than 90 days

  • Account types at the institution not supported by Yodlee (e.g. the credit card account type is not supported by Yodlee at some institutions)

  • Missing insurance accounts, we do not support feeds for insurance accounts.

  • Connection issues for sites that have "Beta support" with Yodlee

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