How to keep tracking during a feed outage

Whether your institution is on the outage list or you’re having trouble connecting and we’re waiting on our data provider to resume the connection here are some steps you can use to keep tracking during that period.

Manually tracking accounts during an outage or disconnection

There are a couple ways you can approach this.

Manually import your bank data

You can manually update your transactions and balances using this guide. When the data feed resumes you’ll likely end up with duplicate transactions. The easiest way to deal with these duplicates is to use the Tiller Money Labs Manage Duplicates workflow. This will allow you to flag the duplicates and merge them into a single transaction with your customizations (i.e. assigned category). If you prefer not to use the Labs add-on you can manually delete the duplicates for transactions that were brought in when the feed resumed.

Use Tiller Money Labs

You can manually add transactions as they happen using the Tiller Money Labs add-on and flag them for reconcile. This is the best option because when the feed finally resumes, you’ll be able to match the manual ones to the automated transactions. This will make duplicate management easier.

Communication with Yodlee

After you've contacted us with the details of your account error/disconnect issue and we’ve determined we need to contact our data provider, Yodlee, about the issue we log it in our tracking spreadsheet.

We communicate with customers when we get an update from our data provider, and sometimes this can take several days or in some cases weeks before we hear back. If you don't hear from us, it just means we haven't received an update from them yet, but rest assured we're tracking the issue.

When they send us an update we communicate next steps to you as quickly as possible to see whether the resolution works. If it doesn't we report this to them and they continue investigating and the check-in cycle starts over.

We cannot resolve all issues with Yodlee that you may encounter. Review the summary below to help manage expectations about types of service requests we have success resolving.

Issues we can usually resolve with Yodlee.

  • You're getting an error message while trying to connect an account for the first time and you've tried again a few times over a few days.
  • You're not receiving transactions for an account. Please be sure you review this missing transactions guide before contacting us about this issue.
  • You're not seeing balances for an account.
  • You're seeing incorrect balance for an account.
  • Your account information is incorrect.

Issues we can sometimes resolve with Yodlee

  • You're not seeing an account being pulled into the Account Summary on the Tiller Console that shows up when you log in directly to your bank's website. We do not support insurance or reward account types.
  • Duplicate transactions that persist for more than a week.

Issues we often cannot resolve with Yodlee

  • Credit card number level transaction detail. We have not had much success with pulling in the credit card number associated with the transaction when multiple cards are issued for a single account because we pull data at the account number level in most cases.
  • 2FA setting frequently disconnects the account.

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