Getting an automated daily feed of your bank data into a customizable Google Sheet begins with connecting your financial institutions to your Tiller Console. It's as simple as entering your online banking credentials into our secure system. 

Review these steps and the animation at the bottom of this page to Add Accounts.

  1. From your Tiller Console, click “Add Accounts" under Account Summary.
  2. The Add Accounts search page will open.
  3. Begin typing the name of your bank or institution into the search box and a list will appear. For best results, search using all lowercase letters and the first few letters of your bank or institution. 
  4. Once found enter the username and password you would use to log in directly to your bank's website. 
  5. If a successful connection is established you'll see that you can add more accounts while we gather your details. 
  6. If you get any errors or failed messages review our troubleshooting tips here.

Note: it's best to manually type in the username and password rather than using a password manager to automatically fill the credentials. 

Tips for finding your bank:

  • Type the first few letters to display a list of options.
  • Use only lowercase letters.
  • Try entering the URL of your institution.

If none of these work it's likely that our data aggregator does not currently support that institution. If you have other accounts that you can successfully link, you can manually import your data for unsupported accounts and check back often to see if your institution has been added.

Next up:
Step 4: Rename your accounts and create your first Tiller sheet

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