Rename accounts

Once you’ve successfully linked your financial accounts through our secure system we recommend that you assign any account nicknames to your accounts before you create your first sheet so the nicknames will show up right away in your sheets. 

Rename accounts under the Account Summary area by clicking the pencil icon. 

Read more about renaming accounts.

Choose your platform

Do you prefer Google Sheets or Excel?

Tiller supports bank data feeds to both Google Sheets and Excel Workbooks. You can use both Excel and Google Sheets, but there is a 5 sheet limit on the Tiller Console. 

Creating a Google Sheet

Tiller powered Google Sheets are created directly from the Tiller Console. They're owned by the Tiller Feedbot and are stored on your Google Drive. We have a variety of helpful Google Sheets financial spreadsheet templates to get you started. 

1. Name your sheet.

You can give your sheet an name you like, but we recommend titling it based on the purpose of the sheet such as "family budget" or "business expenses." 

Note: You can rename your sheet directly from the Google Sheet itself in the upper left corner. The new name will be reflected on the Tiller Console after a data and browser refresh.

2. Choose a template.

We offer a variety of templates for different purposes. Choose one that works best for your financial situation. Remember, you can always add custom reports and charts to any sheet and you can play around with different templates until you find one that's right for you, and then easily migrate your already categorized transactions

Read more on how to choose a template

3. Select the accounts you want linked to this sheet. 

You can mix and match accounts with sheets. You can select all or one account that you have connected to your Tiller Console. Any account you link to a sheet will populate the Transactions and Balance History sheets with a daily automated feed of your most recent transactions and balance data.

Note: It may take several minutes to pull your data into the new sheet. Tiller pulls up to three months of data for most institutions. If you want more historical data use these quick and easy steps to manually add those transactions. 

Link an Excel Workbook

Tiller powered Excel Workbooks are created directly from within the Excel desktop application and can be stored on your local computer or OneDrive. You own the Excel workbook, but it need to be linked to the Tiller Console in order to connect your bank data feed to it.

Click here to learn how to get started with Tiller for Excel.

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