We've put together this guide to help you get started with your Tiller spreadsheets. 

Choose your platform

Do you prefer Google Sheets or Excel? 

Tiller offers a direct bank feed integration for both. We offer a variety of spreadsheet templates for Google Sheets, but have a limited selection of Excel templates. 

If you don't have a preference, but want a starting point, we recommend Google Sheets because of our larger selection of templates. 

Read our how to Choose a Template guide for Google Sheets
Read more on Getting Started with Excel

Your data is yours

When data is added to your Transactions sheet or Balance History sheet, the Tiller Feedbot does not modify that existing data at any point in the future. Any changes you make in one sheet do not affect the data for those same accounts that might be linked to your other sheets, meaning you can freely delete or add transactions, edit the date, description or any other details. 

Read more about the transactions sheet

The Feedbot updates your sheets daily

The Tiller Feedbot updates all your Tiller spreadsheets with your latest cleared transactions every day. The timing of this varies by institution and your activity. 

Read more about our data updates and refreshes

Working with categories

Most of our templates include the option to categorize your financial transactions. The category setup may vary depending on the template you're using. Setting up your categories is a personal journey. It all depends on the way you think about and spend your money. 

Click here to review the All About Categories section

We're always here to help

If you ever have questions or need assistance with any aspect of using Tiller our support team is here to help. You can email us at support@tillerhq.com or use the chat window in the lower right corner of this page. 

Read more about customer support at Tiller

Did we miss something here?

Please let us know if you have recommendations about other content you feel is missing from this guide that would help you get started with your Tiller sheet. Email support@tillerhq.com or use the chat window in the lower right corner of this page to let us know if something is missing, if you have a question, or need clarification.

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